Monday, February 3, 2014

When January Wedding Plays...

Jesus likened His second coming to the groom about to enter the sanctuary.  He pictured for us ten maidens, five prepared with oil for their lamps and five with lamps low on oil. The lesson from this parable is that we do not know the time when the groom will come, so we are always to be ready. This is a good time to check the oil in your lamps.  Are you ready for Jesus to return?  Is your household in order?  Are you following His teachings?  Is your lamp shining brightly?

Po Grab Church

In a farm house in Tennessee, thirteen men sat in a circle.  Josh played a song.  Paul opened in prayer.  TJ and Simpson shared testimony. I preached in a style I imagined may have been common in the early church. I recalled the stories of Jesus.  We shared the Luke 5:1-11 passage when Jesus called Peter, Andrew, James and John to follow him. I told the story while they read along.  Then TJ told the same story from memory. Then Paul told the story as if the Sea of Galilee was Rimini and Pack’s Landing.  Then Dayton told the story and presented it personally as if he were in that boat instead of Peter. Questions prompted everyone to speak up who could recount a teaching of Jesus or a scripture from the Bible that illustrated their point.  It was special. It was experiential. After receiving prayer requests, Coop closed our service with prayer for each request given and we sang “Amazing Grace.”  We experienced true worship, real life discipleship, and intimate relationship.  We experienced a moment where our hearts burned within us as we recounted the words and teachings of our Lord Jesus as if He were right in the room with us.  He was there and that room will never be seen in the same light.  I pray that hearts in the room also will forever be changed.