Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Prayer Prompt

I hope you have begun reading Romans 6 answering the seven questions given out Sunday.  As you write the prayer from Romans 6 in Question 7, I invite you to post it and share it with me on FB under the  #R6Pray.

Monday, September 28, 2015


Allow me to share two applications of Colossians 3:23 this week.

Dayton and I grabbed supper at McDonald’s after the ballgame.  As we sat there enjoying the burgers, I noticed a young worker fly through our section swiping tables.  She barely wiped the tables leaving them more of a mess than clean and flinging to the floor what the dirty rag happened to graze. Suddenly my Deluxe Quarter Pounder didn’t taste as good.  I wondered if the guy who put my burger together may have had the same work ethic.  Since this same girl seemed friendly when she had taken my order, and there was some rapport, I wondered if she might listen to a verse I had memorized.  So I strolled up to order a Mocha Frappe (“Don’t tell Mom!”) and asked if I might give her some really good advice. She smiled and said, “Sure!”  I said, “You are probably a good Christian girl.  You probably go to church and have a godly grandmother.” She affirmed both with a smile. I shared “Whatever you do, do your work heartily as for the Lord, rather than for men” Colossians 3:23. She liked it but did not connect.  I then said, “I love young people, so please just hear me.  The way you wiped those tables really made me question my burger.  Imagine in the future that you are not serving man.  Imagine that the very next customer is your Lord, Jesus Himself…walking right through that door.  Would you want Him to sit at those tables over there?”   She took it well and promised me she would apply that truth to her work.  It was a different kind of divine appointment.  Other workers were listening in and ultimately all were invited to worship at Crosspoint. It was really a fun exchange! We all enjoyed a moment of simply being friendly.

Then Saturday morning, our men came together for breakfast and yard work.  Someone prayed, “Lord, thank you for this food and the opportunity to work together on your place.” I loved that reminder! 


Crosspoint Family/Friends,
Yesterday was an awesome day in the Lord's House among His people!  Just a quick reminder to study Romans 6 this week asking the seven questions we reviewed yesterday to help you understand and apply the truths you will discover. I am praying for you! 

In Acts 27, the shipwreck on the island of Malta is recorded when Paul was on the last voyage taking him to Rome.  Here we see a wonderful principle of the necessary unity within any church body that guarantees the key to a successful journey.  I have never seen this part of the story until in the backdrop of our passage that we consider today in Ephesians 4:1-6.

Paul has seen a vision that the voyage would certainly be with danger and real loss.  It speaks to us in guaranteeing that our purpose in life as individuals and as a church will also involve loss and many dangers if we are faithful and obedient.  Just ask any Christian in an Islamic country. During many days and nights of a storm that covered the light of day and the stars of the night, the threat of certain demise led some aboard to deceptively let down the life boats for selfish escape.  Upon Paul’s testimony and leadership that all would survive if all remained and stayed united, the soldiers cut away the ropes of the ship’s life boats and let them fall away.  Having gained all the men’s trust, Paul blessed the remaining bread and broke it and they ate together and received strength.  Paul then made a promise from God, “not a hair from the head of any of you will perish.” And so it happened that they, all 266, were brought safely to land.

I challenge you to read beyond the written account and ask good questions.  Why must they all stay on the ship?  Why did Paul seek to keep everyone on the ship united in the promise?  Surely there were onboard some rank, offensive, low-down scoundrels who really in man’s opinion had no merit of surviving.  Why would it matter if a few were allowed to escape?  Wouldn’t that mean more food for the united that remained faithful and aboard?

Look to the end.  Look at the view from God’s perspective.  His promise and purpose was to bring Paul to Rome.  There were still responsibilities and work that would need to take place in running the ship aground, making it to shore, surviving together among unforeseen inhabitants, and ultimately boarding the next ship from Malta to Rome. So where are you going with this Sorrells?

Each of you is on a God-sized mission on a voyage of a lifetime.  God has unique assignments for each of you according to your gifts. All must remain.  None can be lost.  Regardless of merit, class or rank, we all have a role to complete in order for us to carry a most precious cargo to the world, the gospel—the good news of salvation.  Onboard that ship was the missionary Paul, who was the vehicle, the instrument God had purposed to bring a message to Rome of salvation in Christ alone.  Go to the island of Malta today and you will still find a contingent of Christ followers who date their faith to the influence of a crew of 266 shipwrecked strangers. 

What has God uniquely gifted and assigned you to do in your church to assure that the gospel message is not lost at sea?  Stay aboard!  Hang on!  Commune together!  Keep the faith! Cut the life lines of escape and remain committed to the call to which God has called you.