Saturday, November 3, 2018

Fall Back

We look forward to seeing you in the morning, but not too early.  So set your clocks back one hour this weekend. See you at 8:30 for the early service; 9:45 for Bible Study and 11:00 for our second service.  God is so very good!
Coach/Pastor John

Thursday, November 1, 2018


If a forensic psychologist or detective was  seeking evidence of your time in God's word, would there be any?  I am not referring to a showy life.  I am not thinking of works. I often will ask for a believer's Bible when officiating their loved one's funeral.  It is interesting.  Some Bibles feel crisp and seldom opened.  Others are worn.  I once opened the Bible of a dear saint in our church.  The edges were tattered and folded and worn.  In many places there was a fingerprint of lipstick where she licked her fingers to open the pages.  The notes she had taken in her journey were a treasure.  I also found coffee stains throughout this believer's Bible.  I loved that.  She was obviously in God's Word early in the morning.  Last week I stumbled upon a Bible verse to remind us to be like this saint--leave footprints. 
Coach/Pastor John
"Establish my footsteps in Your Word" Psalm 119:133
I hope to see you in church this Sunday!