Monday, January 26, 2015

Our Church in the Community

Remember that the Good Samaritan was a walking, seeing, meeting and staying man! Luke 10:25-37
Original Message by Aaron Coe

Monday, January 5, 2015

Transforming Power

In Matthew 13:33, Jesus taught about the kingdom of God likening it to yeast kneaded into dough.  The New Living Translation describes the effect as permeating every part of the dough. We are challenged through this parable to enter our communities, our workplace and all our associations and to permeate our world praying that the gospel which saved us will permeate every portion of our daily lives resulting in others being drawn into the kingdom of God.

Popcorn and Rocking Chairs

Twenty years ago, I met a young middle school boy at Furman football camp.  He was a mischievous camper and it drew me into a relationship that carried over to the next summer.  I recognized Rick each summer at football camp.  As God would have it, I changed coaching jobs and ultimately coached Rick his junior and senior years in high school. By this time the absence of a father was taking its toll.  Alcohol, drugs and much of the violence that comes with these evil darts had become a norm for him. I became more of a life coach and mentor off the field to Rick.  I remember a number of rescues from dangerous parts of town, spending the night with him in detox chasing demons and long talks on long walks.  He would come to our house when in trouble.  We would make popcorn on the stove (as opposed to in the microwave) and sit on the front porch rocking in the chairs and praying together.  Most of those years were very disheartening for his mother, sister and me.  It seemed that no treatment program would rescue him from his life of addiction spiraling toward death. He would sit in those rocking chairs and in tears say, "Coach, one day I want to sit in your rocking chair." That became my undying prayer even after the worst of updates.  In the last five years, I have seen more forward steps than setbacks.  Rick followed the Lord in believer's baptism.  Rick longs to honor the  Lord with his life, to demonstrate God's grace in his life.  Rick truly has a God-given desire to help others, especially young men, to avoid the destructive lifestyle of alcohol and drugs. God is so good!  Popcorn and rocking chairs...a great trade!