Monday, February 4, 2019

Poor Grab

      From time to time you will hear me refer to Po Grab.  It’s where the family farm is located in middle Tennessee.  Back before google maps, you couldn’t get there from here.  Seriously, the maps we drew included “look for the…” type content.  People would always get lost trying to find Foster Hollow Road and Hannah’s Gap Road and Chestnut Ridge. Now I just drop a pin and people drive right up the hollow. 
     Most stories are similar, but I always heard that the valley got its name when an ole farmer came to the little store that was both a place to purchase goods or barter goods.  He was there to purchase his seeds for the spring planting.  Back then you took a small brown bag and grabbed a handful of seed for a nickel.  It was reported that he walked out that day and said, “That sure was a poor grab.”  It stuck. Soon it was called Fullerton’s Poor Grab Store.  I remember Granddaddy giving me a dime and I could walk down the hill, cross the creek and buy M & M s and a coke in that small green bottle.  My grandmother Sorrells recounted trading eggs for dry goods.
     Growing up visiting my grandparents or spending the summer there I recall a picture of our message series ONE ANOTHER.  Everyone helped everyone.  All the farmers got together to put up one another’s hay.  If a barn was to be raised, then all the community came together to help.  The church was very local and very One Another.  What was true in their lives on Sunday was true every other day of the week.  There was a couple who were “special” who lived between the Po Grab Store and the Church of Christ Church. My grandparents always took care to ask what they needed from town when they went.  They often took meals to them.  Others in the community did the same for this man and woman who could not do much for themselves. 
     It is different today.  Large gates, “NO TRESPASSING” signs, and video cameras at the locked gates are not prevalent but they exist.  Let’s lead the way church!

Love God!  Love others!  Serve!

Pastor John

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